How to Find Factorial of a Number Using Function

By | February 6, 2013
factorialQuestion:  Generate a program which gives the factorial of a number using a function fat().
The Factorial mean extended to non-integer arguments, while retaining its most important properties;  this involves more advanced mathematics, notably techniques from mathematical analysis.

In this program we are calculating the factorial by using function. In the top first we initialize factorial {int fact (int f)} in the top before void main (), and the process will define after the void main(). In advantage is here, if anywhere want to use factorial we only use int fact (int f), not to repeat the  process.
Source Code: #include
using namespace std;
int fact(int f);
void main ()
            int a, f=1;
            cout<<”Enter the number of factorial\t”;
            for (int i=a; i>0; i–)
int fact (int f)
            return f;
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