How to Add Comment Box in Microsoft Excel 2007

By | March 16, 2013
Comment box is a advanced tool in the Excel 2007. When sometime people not reminder either why he made a sheet in Excel or which data is this, that’s Microsoft introduced in the version2007. This box shows as a description box because your comments can provide useful information.

You can make these boxes in any cell where you want to document. Comment in Excel 2007 is not appeared until you choose to view them otherwise it is hidden  in the back of cell. When you want to open the comment, it will display in the shape of rectangle in the cell’s upper right corner. You can view all comment but individual in the worksheet. If you want to view all comment then click the Review tab and then clicking Show All Comment.

You can make these descriptive texts in every time you copy or change a cell.

  • First open the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Window.
  • Then Click the cell where you want to Generate / Add Comment Box (See Figure 1).
  • Now click on the Review Tab which is on the top of toolbar. Then Click “New Comment” which is in the under of the Review Tab. (Comment Box will appear).
  • Then write your comment ( Reminder: To apply bold and other formatting effects, select the text, right-click, click Format Comment, and then make changes as appropriate)
  • If your writing is finished then click outside the comment box, comment box will disappear.
  • If you want to read your comment, move your cursor over the cell, comment box will display again (See Figure 2).
  • Click Edit Comment in the Comments group to edit a comment
  • Click Delete in the Comments group to delete a comment (See Figure 3).
  • If you want to display all comment boxes on your Excel Worksheet screen, then click show All Comments in the Comments group. Or if you want to close all the comment boxes then click Show All Comment again.

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